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We know there are stories out there newsrooms don’t have the resources to cover alone, as well as stories in increasingly wide swaths of Colorado that have become news deserts — meaning communities have no local news source. Veteran award-winning Colorado journalists Susan Greene, Tina Griego and John Ferrugia are helping Colorado newsrooms produce in-depth narrative, explanatory and investigative reporting to ensure important stories are reported with the depth they deserve, offering hands-on training in the process. 

First, what kind of story are we talking about?

A million stories are waiting to be told, so we'll need to prioritize. Some criteria we'll be considering:

  • Does it address an issue the community wants examined more closely?
  • Does it expose an un- or under-reported issue or problem?
  • Does it scrutinize institutions or power-structures that have gone unchecked?
  • Does it explore challenges affecting vulnerable communities, especially underrepresented racial groups or people in geographic news deserts?
  • Does it focus on solutions, not just problems?
  • Is it of statewide interest (and likely to be carried for free by other outlets)?
  • Can it be localized by others?

Does your story idea check any of these boxes? Let us know what you have in mind. 

Contact Us Directly

Send us a message. Let us know you’d like to talk. 

Weekly Office Hours

1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tuesdays

Schedule a time to talk through your questions and ideas with one of the talented and experienced journalists of COLab’s News Team. Susan, Tina and John will be rotating each week. The conversations are confidential

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