Our Vision in Action

Every Coloradan should have access to strong local news. News that is fair and accurate, that informs and educates, that holds power to account and illuminates the life of a local community. COLab exists to help make that access a statewide reality through collaborative journalism, authentic community engagement and innovative business models.

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Serving Coloradans Through Collaborative Journalism

Last Resort

The schools that take Colorado’s “most vulnerable” students are disappearing. Can they be saved? Should they?

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Chasing Progress

Examining socio-economic and health equity among Black and Latino Coloradans over the last decade

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Election 2022

Flooding targeted communities of interest with factual information and journalism to help combat mis- and disinformation in Colorado

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Building Stronger Relationships with Community

Amplify Colorado

An online guide to help newsrooms find diverse sources and community members to find local reporters

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Helping Newsrooms Innovate and Thrive

How We're Making a Difference

Join the Amplify Colorado Movement

Something pretty remarkable happened last Thursday in Denver on the third floor of the Buell Public Media Center, COLab’s home base.  As about 100 people gathered, a lively (and thirsty and hungry) crowd of journalists and community members, we launched the first-ever online statewide source guide to Coloradans from diverse

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