Reporting on Vaccine Access & Information Needs

∙ Tuesday, July 13 | 12 p.m. MST ∙

After an early rush, the number of COVID-19 vaccinations has slowed in the United States. It’s something public health officials both predicted and feared, as those willing to drive for hours or stand in long lines to receive their vaccinations were outnumbered by those ambivalent or hostile about doing so.

So now, the hard part begins.

For journalists looking to pinpoint pockets of vaccine hesitancy — as well as places where getting the vaccine is relatively hard, particularly for those who do not have cars — the National Press Foundation is presenting two new tools from Google. The tools will help reporters go beyond ubiquitous vaccine trackers that show the numbers of jabs by state and county but don’t indicate why uptake varies so widely.

The training will be held Tuesday, July 13, at 12 p.m. MST with an expert from Google and two leading public health officials.

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