Interview Opportunity: Dr. Vivek Shandas on Urban Forestry

Presented by Experts on Camera from SciLine: Urban Forestry

Research suggests that adding trees in cities has benefits for the environment and for human health.

Available Expert:

Dr. Vivek Shandas is a professor and the director of the Sustaining Urban Places Research Lab at Portland State University. He can speak about topics including:

–The effects of trees on urban heat and air pollution;
–What research has shown about how urban forestry affects human health;
–Evidence around planting urban trees as carbon sinks;
–Racial and income disparities between neighborhoods with more and fewer trees; and
–Emerging state and local policies around urban tree planting.

Availability: Thursday, May 4, 12 to 1:30 p.m. MT

Journalists can sign up to request a:
15-min interview slot with this expert
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About Experts on Camera
SciLine regularly schedules scientific experts for windows of time during which reporters can sign up to conduct broadcast-quality one-on-one interviews. SciLine’s goal is to make knowledgeable, articulate scientists from across the country readily available to local media for easy integration into news stories.

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