Fact-Checking for Lean Newsrooms

Journalists want to get the facts right, but we don’t always have the support to get there. From the time PublicSource was a 5-person organization, they’ve had some version of a fact-checking process in place. It has evolved over the years as their team has grown to 15, and they’ve learned from other newsrooms with varying depths of fact-checking. Now they want to share how, over time, they’ve incorporated fact-checking into the practices of a lean newsroom and built the public’s trust in the work they do.

Learn how small newsroom teams can implement effective fact-checking systems that support accuracy and build trust. PublicSource is hosting a free informational session on Monday, May 22, 11 a.m. MT 

This session, led by executive director and editor-in-chief Halle Stockton, will cover the different iterations of PublicSource’s fact-checking system, nuts and bolts of their current system and a few pointers on how they’ve funded it and communicated it to their audiences. 

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