Colorado Press Association’s Innovation Award

The Colorado Press Association‘s Innovation Award will be given to a member news organization or individual that has significantly improved its business model in one or multiple areas to reflect changes in audience, revenue streams, content dissemination and other applicable areas of change within the industry.  

The winning news organization will demonstrate the ability to create, foster and promote innovation, sideways thinking, cultural transformation, originality, measurable impact, a spirit of experimentation and the willingness to risk failure to achieve greatness. 

Winning submissions could include innovative new business practices, known business practices or products that have been substantially improved for long-term viability, increased revenue generation, higher audience engagement with products or services or any other demonstrable practices or concepts that have revolutionized the organization and/or industry. 

Nomination Guidelines: 
The nominee must be a CPA member news organization or staff member(s) of a CPA member news organization during 2023. 

Nomination package should include: 
Nomination summary that explains why the nominee deserves the award. 
Relevant materials to showcase the components of the nomination (ads, screen shots, social  media posts, newspaper articles, etc.). The sky’s the limit. If you think it should be included,  include it.  
A brief description of the company, its ownership, position in the market, leadership, etc. 

The deadline for nominations is March 15th and winners will be announced at the Colorado Press Association Annual Convention on August 23, 2024! 

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