Apply for Stipends Toward Programs That Develop Your Work

OpenNews can help you pay for events and programs that develop your work as a journalist with data and code. Attend a conference, take a class, join a training, sign up for a leadership program — you know best what you need. If cost is a hardship, we want to help.

Key things to know:
-These scholarships are for U.S.-based journalists who work in data or code. This program is one way Open News can help people in those roles build skills and connections to make their newsrooms more equitable and just.
-This program is designed to do two things: help you expand your comfort zone and strengthen your support network of colleagues and peers.

Open News is excited to hear about the event or program you want to be part of. What they want to know most is why you want to be there and how you plan to use and share what you learn.

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