Shruti Chowdhary

Creative Catalyst and Account Manager,

Open Media Foundation

Having had the fortune of growing up in some incredible places and being exposed to many cultures when young, Shruti learned early on how to keep rose-colored glasses over her eyes through most life situations. There is just too much to be in awe of, even in the midst of this madness. She graduated from LSU in 2010 with a B.Sc in Marketing, and has experience spanning from billion-dollar companies to startups. While Architecture and Ecology are her realest passions, Shruti finds fulfillment in Marketing — a gateway to learn from and tell stories about all kinds of people and projects through a variety of media, helping companies and individuals define their place in society. If money wasn’t required to build and support things in life, Shruti would be a full-time tree planter, mushroom and mineral hunter, Earthship builder, snowboarder, stargazer, and world traveller.