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The Longmont Leader is a community news source for residents who care about Longmont’s present and future. We seek to highlight what makes our community special, empower residents to connect with one another and uncover stories with fair reporting. The Longmont Leader is a partnership with readers, which means we rely on them to tell us their stories as well as what stories they think should be told, and they rely on us for critical information and untold stories about their community. We aim to be a hub of information for our community, report important news, and provide a forum for Longmont residents to share their diverse viewpoints about local topics. We endeavor to be fair in our reporting and learn from the Longmont community. Specifically, we will share information about how the Longmont and Colorado government works, how it impacts their lives, and how they can pursue solutions.

On Edge

On Edge is a statewide series on how the recent confluence of crises has tested Coloradans’ mental health.

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